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National Specialty Conformation Judge: Lesley Potts (Albelarm)

Futurity: Lew Griffitt

Maturity: Lew Griffitt

Veteran Sweepstakes: Bo Bengtson (Bohem)

Breeders Sweepstakes: Daniel Lockhart (Saxon Shore)

Non-Regular Multiple Entry Classes (Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace, Team): Thomas Münch (Flic Flac)

Junior Showmanship: Grace Fritz

Altered Classes: Jean Schroeder (Willabe)

Versatility & Triathlon (Conformation portion): Claudia Miller (Woodrose)

CGC, CGCA, Trick Dog: Sami Hirko

Obedience (Regular, Optional Titling, Preferred): Rick Garvin

Obedience (Non-Regular), Rally: Rick Garvin

Agility: Craig Josling

ASFA Lure Coursing: Josie Haumont, Kent Standerford

AKC Lure Coursing: Kevin Carlson, Dan Heidel

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