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The AWC has held the Triathlon in conjunction with its National Specialty since 1995. The Triathlon combines three events (lure coursing, conformation, and obedience) to showcase the versatility of Whippets. The Triathlon's scoring system ranks the success of each Whippet’s overall performance in comparison to the other Whippets competing. Participants do not have to be AWC members to enter the Triathlon. 

After each event is completed, participating Whippets are ranked from first to last, based on the scores received (a higher score equates to a lower rank). Upon completion of all three events, each Whippet's three individual event rankings are averaged to produce a total final rank. The ranks of all participating Whippets are then ordered from first to last to determine placements. The Whippet with the final lowest rank (numerical ranking average) is the AWC Triathlon Champion and is awarded the Cora Miller Perpetual Trophy and Jack McManus Perpetual Trophy and is eligible to participate in the AWC Parades of Honor at National Specialties. Whippets ranked first through tenth place receive special awards and rosettes. Whippets competing in the Triathlon must be eligible to compete in all Triathlon events. 

Whippets with disqualifying faults as indicated in the AKC standard are not eligible to compete in lure coursing trials; therefore, they are not eligible for the Triathlon. Whippets must complete all three events (lure coursing, conformation, and obedience) to earn a final score and ranking. Spayed/neutered Whippets are eligible to compete. Whippets with ILP/PAL numbers are ineligible to compete. If a Whippet does not complete all three events, it will be disqualified from the Triathlon (without entry refund). The criteria for evaluating whether your Whippet completed an event are based on AKC regulations. For lure coursing, see AKC Regulations for Lure Coursing Tests and Trials, Chapter IV, Sections 9-14. For obedience, see AKC Obedience Regulations, Chapter I, Sections 17-18. The Whippet must also compete in the conformation competition. The Triathlon is not an AKC titling event, but an AWC scoring/ranking event. A nonqualifying score in obedience does not eliminate your Whippet from the competition. Non-qualifying scores will be placed in order from high to low after all qualifying scores have been ranked.


NOTE: Whippets may participate in both the Triathlon and Versatility competitions.

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