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Trophy Donations


  • STEP 1: VERIFY FIRST  Email trophy donation chair Angella Martin and request a trophy sponsorship from the available list

  • STEP 2: PLEDGE Once the class has been verified as available, send donor name and/or dedication to trophy donation chair to be added to the list

  • STEP 3: PAYMENT Go to the button below or send a check made payable to the "AWC" in US Funds OR please send your checks if you prefer to pay by mail to our National Show Treasurer:


Kay Nierengarten

5654 Chalstrom Dr.        

Saginaw, Minnesota 55779


All donations must be made in US dollars.


Trophy Donation Chair | Angella Martin


1. Fill out the information below.

2. Click "Buy Now"

3. On the next screen, PayPal, enter the donation amount in USD.

All trophies have been sponsored ... except:


 $300.00           High In Trial

General trophy sponsorships are much appreciated.

To sponsor a Lure Coursing trophy, please contact Vickie Smith.

Award  //  2023 Sponsor


BOB:  Ken Latimer, Judy Descunter, Nancy Shaw, Justin Smithey, Cheslie Smithey 

BOW:  Debbie Davenport    

BOS:  Ken Latimer, Judy Descunter, Nancy Shaw, Justin Smithey, Cheslie Smithey 

Select Dog:  David & Gina Samuelson 

Select Bitch:  Suzanne 

BOBOH:  Ed Odron, In memory of Mary Jean Odron

AOM 1:  Corey Heenan

AOM 2:  Tracy P Hite & John Hite 

AOM 3:  Jennifer Beach-Buda

AOM 4:  Cydney Petit & Gail Boyd

AOM 5:  Paige McCarver, Bandire Whippets

AOM 6:  Kari Whitaker

AOM 7:  Bonnie C. Cooley

AOM 8:  Caroline Wells Cope - Copestone Whippets

AOM 9:  Laura Taylor & Susan Vernon

AOM 10:  Tina MacGregor

WD:  Sabine Solo    

RWD:  Kathy Rasmussen

WB:  Debbie Davenport    

RWB:  Katie Rudolph & Kelly Riney-Festiva Whippets    

6-9 Dog Class:  Dorothea Burke

9-12 Dog Class:  Julie Ouska, Temmoku Whippets. In loving memory of Eli & Emma

12-15 Dog Class:  Deb Reetz - In Memory of Wendy Sasso

15-18 Dog Class:  Vicki Roll

Novice Dog Class:  Karen Lonnstrom

AOH Dog Class:  Pat Swearingen & Doratea

BBX Puppy Dog:  Laurel- Highmoor (M.McCreery & A. Lass)

BBX Dog Class:  Sabine Salo

AM Bred Dog Class:  Vicki Roll

Open Dog Class:  Kathy Rasmussen

6-9 Bitch Class:  Becca Zaun

9-12 Bitch Class:  Deborah L. Miller, Whirlwind Whippets

12-15 Bitch Class:  Kelly Chafe

15-18 Bitch Class:  Faith Diane Guest

Novice Bitch Class:  Mary Pick, Pickwhippets

AOH Bitch Class:  Steven Pearson - Karasar's Brilliance Beatrice

BBX Puppy Bitch:  Kelly Riney- Festivia Whippets

BBX Bitch Class:  Mary Dukes- Delacreme

AM Bred Bitch Class:  Amanda Giles, Daniel Martin, David and Gina Samuelson, Dionne Butt

Open Bitch Class:  Karen & Rob Hutchinson honoring our fast agile lure coursing love, FCH Shamasan Saddle Shoes and
Bobbi Sox, RE CGC, TKA



7-10 Vet Dog Class:  David & Gina Samuelson 

10-12 Vet Dogs Class:  Kim Pritchard

12+ Vet Dog Class:  Faith Diane Guest    

10-12 Vet Bitch Class:  Karen Lee - Surrey Hill

12+ Vet Bitch Class:  Nancy A Doucette



LC Dog Class:  Deana McNamer

LC Bitch Class:  Pecan Grove & Liberty Whippets

Race Dog Class:  Lisa Costello, In loving Memory of Lisa Ochoa & Rafa

Race Bitch Class:  Mary Pick- In Honor of CH Caliae Northern Lights DPCX ARX TRP SC PR2

Stud Dog:  Trisha Borland

Ext Stud Dog:  Caroline Wells Cope - Copestone Whippets

Brood Bitch:  Sabine Salo

Ext Brood Bitch:  Karen Lee- In honor of the amazing Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree of Mariner DPCX ARX FCH ROMX


7-10 Dog Vet Sweeps:  Jessica Epstein

10-12 Dog Vet Sweeps:  Jan Wahl, Uptown

12+ Dog Vet Sweeps:  Kelly Chafe

7-10 Bitch Vet Sweeps:  Karen Roberson

10-12 Bitch Vet Sweeps:  Dr. Chuck Brooks  & Ralph Cardinale

12+ Bitch Vet Sweeps:  Lovat Whippets- Ron & Yvonne McKim

Best In Veteran Sweeps:  Nancy Doucette

BOS In Veteran Sweeps:  Julie Ouska- Temmoku Whippets- In Memory of CH Jomyr Enchantress

Best In Breeder Sweeps:  Pat Geske- Dedicated to Debbie Davenport

Best In Futurity:  AWC

Best In Maturity:  AWC



Best Altered:  Mark Riddoch, Alon Whippets

BOS Altered:  Annie Andrews & The Mystic Run Whippets

Best Brace:  Maddie Petit & Sara and Dan Weitzenkamp



Obedience- Novice A:  Karen Hutchinson- Dedicated to the impish whippet Bobbi aka FCH Shamasan Saddle Shoes and
Bobbi Sox, RE, CGC, TKA

Obedience- Novice B:  Beth Levine, Serendipity Whippets, In Honor of FC Serendipity On A Lark FCH, ARX, DPCX, TRP
PR-4, OTR, retired with 2 CD legs

Obedience- Open A:  Laura Rixham in homor of my awsome obedience whippets Rascle, Jack & Molly

Obedience- Open B:  In Memory of Lisa Ochoa from DTCCU friends Julie, Janice, Denise & Libbie

Obedience- Utility A:  Laura Rixham in honor of my bestest boy RACH Snowcap's Little Rascle CDX, RM3, RAEZ, CGCA, TKI

Obedience- Utility B:  Pat Geske  

Obedience- Beg. Novice A (OT):  Phoebe Booth in honor of GCHS Shamasan Bohem Breezing Up FCh, PR, DPC, CGC, BN

Obedience- Beg. Novice B (OT):  Pat & Skip Swearingen

Obedience- Perferred Novice:  Winston & Taylor Rathka- Proud Karasar Whippet & Owner

Obedience- Preferred Open:  Stacey Davis & Chris Abraham, Obailee Kennels

Obedience- Preferred Utility:  Barbara Wells

Obedience- Veteran:  Barbara Stockard & Monique Corimer

Obedience- Brace:  Kristal Couch
High Score In Non-Regular Classes:  Eire Figin Sighthounds, Sean & Elaine McMichael
High Score In Opt Title Class:  Irene Mullauer



Rally- Novice A:  Heather Felty- Chappelle Whippets

Rally- Novice B:  Patricia Ann Swearingen & Doratea

Rally- Intermediate:  Amy Eisenstadt

Rally- Advanced A:  Carrie Burns, MD

Rally- Advanced B:  Karren Pynsia

Rally- Excellent A:  Sandi Leonard, In honor of Tally & Donnie by Whole Health Pet Center

Rally- Excellent B:  In Honor of Mary O'Neill

Rally- Master:  Marilyn Andreson, Lindcroft Whippets

Rally- High Triple Combined:  Karen Hutchinson- Fun wishes from Cider aka CH RACH Shamasan Money Can't Buy Me Love



Jrs- Novice Junior:  Stacey Davis, Obailee Kennels

Jrs- Novice Intermediate:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Jrs- Novice Senior:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Jrs- Open Jr:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Jrs- Open Intermediate:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Jrs- Open Senior:  Lovat Whippets- Ron & Yvonne McKim

Jrs- Masters:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Jrs- Best Junior Handler:  Rex & Dawn Cowan, Sarkany's Rising, LLC

Jrs- Res Best Jr Handler:  Rex & Dawn Cowan, Sarkany's Rising, LLC 

Best Performance Dog:  Cricket Potter, Iva Kimmelman

Best Puppy:  Karen Lonnstrom

Best Veteran:  Suzanne Hughes

Best BBX:  Libby DeMille, Taliesin Whippets

Best Team:  Carolyn Maskens



Agility- Standard Novice:  Amy Eisenstadt

Agility- Jumpers Novice:  Amy Eisenstadt

Agility- Standard Open:  With Love from Brinca Fierro

Agility- Jumpers Open:  Carrie Burns, MD

Agility- Standard Excellent:  Carrie Burns, MD

Agility- Jumpers Excellent:  Carrie Burns, MD

Agility- Standard Masters:  Sandi Leonard, In Honor of Tally & Donnie by Whole Health Pet Center

Agility- Jumpers Masters:  Sandi Leonard, In Honor of Tally & Donnie by Whole Health Pet Center



Triathalon Winner 1st place:  Cydney Petit  

Triathalon- 2nd Place:  Karen & Rob Hutchinson- In Loving Memory of Dickens AKA Marial's Shamasan Stonewall, ARX,

Triathalon- 3rd Place:  Karen & Rob Hutchinson- In Loving memory of Simone AKA Marial's Madison, ARX, TRP, OA, AJX

Triathalon- 4th place:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Triathalon- 5th Place:  Deana Jaffe, Beachpoint Whippets

Triathalon- 6th Place:  Stacy Davis, Obailee Whippets

Triathalon- 7th Place:  Pat Geske

Triathalon- 8th Place:  Pat Geske

Triathalon- 9th Place:  Pat Geske

Triathalon- 10th Place:  Charlene Stone, AgStone



Versatility- Winner 1st place:  Rebecca Callihan at Glen Creek

Versatility- 2nd Place:  Barbara Stockard

Versatility- 3rd Place:  Susan Ford & Ivan Cordrey

Versatility- 4th Place:  Ortona Whippets

Versatility- 5th Place:  Melissa LoPinto

Versatility- 6th Place:  Susan Ford & Ivan Cordrey

Versatility- 7th Place:  Crystal Pfisterer

Versatility- 8th Place:  Crystal Pfisterer

Versatility- 9th Place:  Crystal Pfisterer

Versatility- 10th Place:  Crystal Pfisterer


Phasion Whippets- Wants her $50 donation to go to "Breeder Sweeps"

Crystal Pfisterer- General Preformance

In Memory of DCH Summit Start Me Up

Stacy Davis, Obailee Whippets- To Juniors

Dr Erik & Peggy Splawn

Claudia Miller

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